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The irony isn’t lost on the entrepreneurial-minded brothers.

Back in 2001, Brian and Joe Acquafresca drove up and down the West Coast in their beat up old Honda Civic pitching their upstart clothing line based on the iconic Lowrider Magazine brand. Lowrider, a symbol of automobile craftsmanship, creativity and beauty, represented by a couple of guys from the California’s Central Valley putting around in a little four-door — funny stuff.

But that’s what they did, and what they lacked in automobile power, they more than made up for with their products. Unique t-shirts, hats and jeans all sporting the trademark Goloman Logo and the iconic Lowrider Arch. For decades the Acquafresca family had worked in the clothing industry producing jeans for Levi-Strauss, Hurley, Ben Davis and others. Brian and Joe’s father, Ernie Acquafresca, began operations at the end of the Korean War in 1953 and built a legacy with fine craftsmanship, reliability and good ol’ fashion know-how. Those timeless traits were passed down to his sons and now Brian and Joe ventured out, building a brand, city by city and store by store.

“We were literally just a jean manufacturer that worked for handful of companies,” says Brian Acquafresca, who adds that the decline in American production led them to seek out other opportunities. “We completely changed course and fortunately, we pulled it off. We were looking for a brand that people felt strongly enough about that they would tattoo it on themselves… we found that in Lowrider.”

“We were literally just a jean manufacturer that worked for handful of companies”

The combination of the powerful Lowrider brand and their decades-long experience in the industry led to a boom in production and they even branched off to create other Lowrider products. At the peak in the mid-2000s Lowrider was offered by Sears, Mervyns and more than 1,000 retail accounts across the globe.

The pair listened to their clients, visiting more than 700 locations across the United States to learn the needs and wants of retailers, distributors and customers.

“We keep things at a higher quality typically… we tend to over make things,” says Brian Acquafresca. “We spend extra on little details because we know they matter to our customers.”

“We keep things at a higher quality typically… we tend to over make things”

Just like the culture to which their clothing line belongs, their products have the same flair and artistry largely because of their commitment to curating work from talented freelance artists entrenched in the Lowrider culture.

Still today, this commitment to quality has helped Lowrider Clothing maintain a retail presence at stores across the globe. Currently, Lowrider Clothing is offered by retailers in 35 states and countries including New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Italy, Australia, France, Mexico, Taiwan and Canada.

The evolution of the Lowrider Clothing brand and products has led to this web store where all of their high quality shirts, jeans, hats and hoodies are now available at www.lowriderclothing.com.

Lowrider History 2
Our grandfather, Giuseppe Acquafresca, in a 1940's era sewing factory
Lowrider History 1
Our father Ernie Acquafresca, manufacturing Levis Strauss Jeans in the 1960's
Lowrider History 3
A button hole machine operator, circa 1960




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